Stuart Russell's New Book Now Available on Amazon for Pre-Order

20 May 2019

Stuart Russell’s new book, Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control is now available on Amazon for pre-order. The book is expected to be released October 8th, 2019. The book will explore some of the issues that CHAI researches, such as value-alignment and the risks of autonomous weapons. A description of the book can be found below:

Stuart Russell Receives 2019 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship

20 May 2019

“The Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program provides support for high-caliber scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. The anticipated result of each fellowship is the publication of a book or major study that offers a fresh perspective on a pressing challenge of our time. Winning proposals will explore a wide range of topics, including the state of America’s democratic institutions and processes, the cross-section of technology and humanistic endeavor, global connections and global ruptures, and threats to both human and natural environments.” Source

Stuart Russell and Alison Gopnik Featured in Sam Harris' Podcast

15 Apr 2019

Professor Stuart Russell and Professor Alison Gopnik were on a recent episode of Sam Harris’ Making Sense podcast. The two CHAI PIs were interviewed to discuss their contributions to John Brockman’s new anthology, Possible Minds: 25 Ways of Looking at AI. You can listen to the podcast on Sam Harris’ website.

Rohin Shah Publishes Blog Posts on Learning Preferences

14 Feb 2019

CHAI grad student Rohin Shah published two blog posts on his recent paper Preferences Implicit in the State of the World. The first was Learning Preferences by Looking at the World, published on the Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) Blog. The second blog post was an article of the same name that was published on the AI Alignment Forum. This article went into more of the details and background of the original paper.

Joe Halpern Elected to National Academy of Engineers

13 Feb 2019

CHAI Professor Joe Halpern received one of the highest honors in the field of engineering, joining the National Academy of Engineering for his outstanding contribution to “reasoning about knowledge, belief, and uncertainty and their applications to distributed computing and multiagent systems.” Read more here.

Daniel Filan Publishes Blog Post on Impact Measures

13 Feb 2019

CHAI grad student Daniel Filan published a blog post entitled Test Cases for Impact Measures on the AI Alignment Forum.

CHAI Papers at FAT* 2019

29 Jan 2019

CHAI grad student Smitha Milli attended the ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAT*) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stuart Russell Gives Invited Talk to Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

21 Jan 2019

Professor Stuart Russell gave a talk to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the risks of autonomous weapons. Professor Russell has been involved in bringing awareness to the risks that autonomous weapons have, calling them the New Weapons of Mass Destruction due to their ability to scale with a small number of human operators.

Former CHAI Intern Wins AI Alignment Prize

20 Jan 2019

Alex Turner, a former CHAI intern, was announced as one of the two winners of the AI alignment prize for his paper on Penalizing Impact via Attainable Utility Preservation. The award is given as the prize of a competition for submitted papers that further understanding in the field of AI safety. More information can be found here.

CHAI Papers at the AAAI 2019 Conference

17 Jan 2019

Many of our staff and faculty submitted papers to the 2019 Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference. Below is a list of the papers and authors who are CHAI faculty: