CHAI's mission is to develop the conceptual and technical wherewithal to reorient the general thrust of AI research towards provably beneficial systems.

Recent News

Human Compatible Out In Stores

Stuart Russell, professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley and Director of the Center for Human-Compatible Intelligence (CHAI), has a new book out today: Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Control Problem.

Rohin Shah Professionalizes the Alignment Newsletter

CHAI PhD student Rohin Shah’s Alignment Newsletter has grown from a handful of volunteers to a team of people paid to summarize content.

CHAI researchers’ paper “On the Utility of Learning about Humans for Human-AI Coordination” accepted to NeurIPS 2019.

The paper authored by Micah Carroll, Rohin Shah, Tom Griffiths, Pieter Abbeel, and Anca Dragan, along with two other researchers not affiliated with CHAI, was accepted to NeurIPS 2019. An ArXiv link for the paper will be available shortly.

Siddharth Srivastava Awarded NSF Grant on AI and the Future of Work

Siddharth Srivastava, along with other faculty from Arizona State University, was awarded a grant as a part of the NSF’s Convergence Accelerator program. The project focuses on safe, adaptive AI systems/robots that enable workers to learn how to use them on the fly. The central question behind their research is: How can we train people to use adaptive AI systems, whose behavior and functionality is expected to change from day to day? Their approach uses self-explaining AI to enable on-the-fly training. You can read more about the project here.

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