Our mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence is developed to be safe and aligned with human-values.
These videos introduce some of the problems that we work on.

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European Parliament Passes Resolution on Autonomous Weapons

European Parliament recently passed a resolution on September 12, 2018 which advocted for a ban on lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS), calling it a matter of urgency and demanding that meaningful human control is maintained.

AI Safety and CHAI Mentioned in Latest TED Talk

Professor William MacAskill, a professor of philosophy at Oxford University and leader in the Effective Altruism movement, mentioned AI safety as a research priority and mentioned CHAI in this TED Talk given at the official TED 2018 conference. You can watch the original video here.

Joe Halpern’s Past Year of Talks

Joe has been busy with the past year, giving talks on a variety of subjects everywhere from Israel to China. These include:

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