CHAI’s mission is to develop the conceptual and technical wherewithal to reorient the general thrust of AI research towards provably beneficial systems.


Prominent AI Scientists from China and the West Propose Joint Strategy to Mitigate Risks from AI

Ahead of the highly anticipated AI Safety Summit, leading AI scientists from the US, the PRC, the UK and other countries agreed on the importance of global cooperation and jointly called for research and policies to prevent unacceptable risks from advanced AI.

Human Compatible has been Reissued in the UK in 2023

On September 28th, 2023, Stuart Russell’s book “Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control” has been updated and reissued in UK.

AI Safety Summit by UK Government

As Artificial Intelligence rapidly advances, so do the opportunities and the risks.

Orienting AI Toward Peace

Jonathan Stray presented a talk that outlined a three part strategy to ensure that AI systems do not inadvertently escalate political conflict as a result of misaligned optimization and are resistant to bad conflict actors.

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