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Future of Life Institute: Slaughterbots #2 — if human: kill() and Panel Discussion featuring Stuart Russell

01 Dec 2021

Future of Life institute produced Slaughterbots #2 — if human: kill(), a fictional video stressing the importance of the threat of lethal autonomous weapons ahead of the UN’s Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons in Geneva.

NeurIPS Paper: Scalable Online Planning via Reinforcement Learning Fine-Tuning 12-6

18 Nov 2021

CHAI’s Arnaud Fickinger and Stuart Russell co-authored the paper with Noam Brown, Brandon Amos, and Hengyuan Hu.

NeurIPS Paper: Replay-Guided Adversarial Environment Design 12-6

10 Nov 2021

CHAI’s Michael Dennis co-authored the paper together with Minqi Jiang, Jack Parker-Holder, Jakob Foerster, Edward Grefenstette, and  Tim Rocktäschel.

Brian Christian: Linux Foundation Member Summit Keynote 11-3

05 Nov 2021

Brian Christian gave a keynote address at the annual Linux Foundation Member Summit, which took place from November 2-4.

Stuart Russell Chosen As 2021 BBC Reith Lecturer

15 Oct 2021

Stuart Russell is the first computer scientist to be selected as a BBC Reith Lecturer. Russell will deliver four lectures across UK to discuss his views on AI.

Future of Life Fellowships Announcement

23 Sep 2021

FLI is seeking incoming PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers to apply for fellowships.

CHAI Congratulates New Alumni

07 Sep 2021

Recent CHAI alumni Karthika Mohan, Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Thanard Kurutach, Steven Wang, and Cody Wild will start new roles.

Alison Gopnik Wins Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization

06 Sep 2021

CHAI affiliate Alison Gopnik has won the 2021 Carl Sagan prize for Science Popularization.

New Translations of Human Compatible

04 Sep 2021

The following translations of Stuart Russell’s 2019 book Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control have been recently released.

CHAI Members Publish New Papers

02 Sep 2021

CHAI members recently published the following papers in journals and conference venues.

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