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Pieter Abbeel Receives 2021 ACM Prize in Computing

29 Apr 2022

On April 6, the Association for Computing Machinery recognized Pieter Abbeel as a pioneer of robot learning.

Facing Existential Risks through AI Proxies

10 Apr 2022

As a part of the Umea university #FrAIday seminar series about AI, Prof. Tom Lenaerts will present his work on understanding and modeling strategic decision-making in the face of existential risks that has been performed with students and international collaborators within his group in Brussels. The workhorse of this research is the collective risk dilemma (CRD), a formalization of the problem of climate negotiations, wherein the goal is to reach a common good, but selfish considerations may result in failure with potential cataclysmic outcomes. 

How to ensure safe development in a dynamic technology race? The difficulty of hitting the target.

31 Mar 2022

On March 29, the LAILEC Conference, co-located with the EUH4D Data Forum and the SAS Project Event, kicked off with parallel panel discussions.

What Does it Mean to Give Someone What They Want? The Nature of Preferences in Recommender Systems

12 Mar 2022

On March 11, Jonathan Stray, along with Luke Thorburn and Pri Bengani, published an article on Medium diving into the idea of “preferences”. The post explains that watching someone’s choices cannot tell us what they want, or what is best from them. CHAI’s Michael Dennis, Smitha Milli, Adam Gleave, and Micah Carroll also provided feedback during the development of the article. 

UC Berkeley AI Value Alignment Speaker Series

03 Mar 2022

On March 1, Brian Christian spoke with UC Berkeley students as part of the AI Value Alignment Speaker Series, organized by Mahendra Prasad. The talk was a Q&A about his book The Alignment Problem. Read more about the Speaker Series and Brain Christian’s talk here

Brian Christian is a panelist for The Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2022

24 Feb 2022

Brian Christian spoke alongside Former Prime Minister of Norway Gro Bruntland and mRNA vaccine pioneer Katalin Karikó about AI as one of the essential trends affecting the world, and specifically public health, in the 21st century.

Schmidt Futures Launches AI2050 to Protect Our Human Future in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

17 Feb 2022

Stuart Russell has joined the inaugural cohort of AI2050 fellows, which has been tasked with solving the hard problems of AI.

New Papers Published

18 Jan 2022

Some papers that CHAI members have published recently.

Stuart Russell Has Been Selected As Inaugural Director of Kavli Center for Ethics, Science, and the Public

14 Dec 2021

Stuart Russell has been selected to be the inaugural director of the newly created Kavli Center for Ethics, Science, and the Public.

Stuart Russell: The Biggest Event in Human History

04 Dec 2021

In his first BBC Reith Lecture, Stuart Russell asks how artificial intelligence could transform the world – and discusses whether fears of AI are well founded or whether we can learn to make it work for us?

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