CHAI’s mission is to ensure that as the capabilities of AI systems increase, their impact remains provably beneficial for humans. We are currently seek to fill the following positions:

Postdoc specializing in AI safety and control

Start date: Flexible
Salary: Negotiated
Application: (google form)

If you are a graduating PD student, taking a postdoc at CHAI before moving into industry or a faculty position can help you to develop an expertise in the field of AI safety and control, positioning you to become at leader in this developing field.

Successful candidates will work with the CHAI Director, Stuart Russell, or with one of the Berkeley co-Principal Investigators, Pieter Abbeel, Anca Dragan, and Tom Griffiths. There will also be opportunities to collaborate with CHAI investigators at Cornell (Bart Selman, Joe Halpern) and Michigan (Michael Wellman, Satinder Singh), as well as with groups at Cambridge, Oxford, and Imperial College through the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence.

Developing provably beneficial AI systems will require a significant reorientation of the general thrust of AI research, which up to now has been largely concerned with designing systems that optimize exogenously specified objectives. Given the broad and open-ended mandate of the Center, the post holder will have considerable freedom to pursue novel research projects within CHAI’s areas of interest, either individually or working with PhD students and undergraduate researchers.

Early examples of CHAI’s work include a recent paper on cooperative inverse reinforcement learning (to appear in NIPS 16). Related work includes some results from FHI’s collaboration with Google DeepMind and the descriptions of research problems by Google Brain and by the Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Candidates need not have done previous work on the AI control problem but must have (or be about to obtain) a PhD in a relevant technical discipline (computer science, statistics, mathematics, or theoretical economics) and a record of high-quality published research. A solid understanding of current methods in AI and statistical learning would be an advantage. If you fit this description and would like to arrange a conversation with someone at the Center about what it would be like to work here, email Andrew Critch ( with your CV attached. If you choose to apply, do so via this (google form).

Assistant Director

Start date: Fall 2017 or Spring 2017
Salary: $60,200 to $91,600

Because this is a career appointment, the application has two parts, which all applicants will be asked to complete:

Application Part 1 (~5 minutes, for UC Berkeley): Apply using job ID #23193 via one of the following application systems. (“external application”, for persons not currently employed at UC Berkeley; choose “apply without a resume”) (“internal application” ,for current UC Berkeley employees)

Application Part 2 (~1 hour, for CHAI): Please show us how you’re a good fit for this position, via the following google form:
  (google form)

Description: The mission of the Center for Human Compatible AI is to reorient the field of artificial intelligence toward systems that are provably beneficial to humans.  This position is for an individual with a long-term career ambition to sustain and advance the Center’s activities and influence for this purpose.  The job will involve managing the full general operations of our Center. Our hope is that the Assistant Director, after sufficient on-boarding to understand the plans and perspectives of the Center’s leadership, will be able to exercise a high degree of autonomy and decision-making in service of the Center’s goals.

Hiring for this position will not be undertaken lightly; we are seeking candidates with a demonstrated track-record of managerial competence, as well as a level of interest and fluency in the Center’s research.  We may choose not to fill the position if a suitable candidate is not found. Responsibilities of the Assistant Director will include:

  1. Planning and managing logistics and communications for ongoing events and activities selected and designed to increase the Center’s opportunities for research collaboration and impact toward its mission, such as regular seminars and meetings within the university, and well as workshops and conference events.
  2. Planning and independently investigating opportunities for the Center’s development toward its mission, including opportunities for research collaboration, public outreach, and generally expanding the Center’s operations. This will involve performing studies for resource plans, including approaches, trends, sources and uses, to produce opportunities for recommendation to the Center’s PIs.
  3. Managing staff and contractors to assist in the research impact of the Center’s junior researchers toward its mission, including postdocs and selected students.
  4. Assisting in the design and drafting of organizational website content.
  5. Drafting newsletters and correspondence to organizational constituents.
  6. Administrative operations covering budgetary financial management, IT, event advertising content, facilities, student services, assisting with drafting contracts and grants.
  7. Working with the HR team to initiate approvals for new hires and visitors training, and ensuring the completion of forms and documents related to HR and Payroll for unit/department.
  8. Gathering, analyzing, preparing and summarizing financial and HR reports.
  9. Serving on committees, representing the Center.

Please read the responsibilities above carefully. If any of them seem prohibitively uninteresting to you, this job may not be a good fit for your preferences. If you wish to apply, please do so using this google form.

Web developer (contractor / flexible start date)

This position is for a web developer to work as a contractor. Responsibilities:

  • Fixing formatting problems and other errors with our current website when encountered by researchers and other staff attempting to add website content.
  • Setting up new webpages and websites for conferences and events hosted by the center.
  • Helping researchers to publish research materials to the web, e.g. by building interactive interfaces.

Qualifications needed:

  • At least 10 years of experience as a web developer or software developer.
  • Specific experience working with Jekyll.

If you choose to apply, please attach your resume in an email to with subject line “applying as a web developer” and we will contact you for an interview as our need arises.