Simons Institute, AI and Humanity Workshop at UC Berkeley 

16 Jul 2022

As a part of the Simons Institute’s Summer Cluster, a workshop, AI and Humanity, took place at UC Berkeley from July 13 to July 15. The Summer Cluster was organized by CHAI alumni Tom Gilbert, currently at Cornell Tech, alongside Jake Goldenfein (University of Melbourne), Helen Nissenbaum (Cornell University), Connal Parsley (University of Kent), and Qian Yang (Cornell University), Jake Goldenfein (University of Melbourne), and Helen Nissenbaum (Cornell University). It focuses on a growing concern about the future of humanity – individuals, groups, societal institutions and values – shaped, manipulated, and challenged by the imperatives of AI. The Cluster is motivated by the premise that no single discipline is equipped to address these questions independently; it includes participants from the fields of law, social sciences, computer science, and humanities. Its aims are to learn from one another about promising past and ongoing research, and ultimately, to invigorate field-defining future research. 
You can read more about the Summer Cluster and the AI and Humanity workshop here.