Future of Life Fellowships Announcement

23 Sep 2021

FLI is seeking incoming PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers to apply for fellowships.

FLI launched a fellowship to pay for PhD programs and postdocs for people working on “AI existential safety” – essentially, things that are aimed at reducing existential risk from AI. For a more precise specification of what they mean, see here: https://grants.futureoflife.org/res/p/AI/

PhD fellowships pay $40k/yr plus $10k/yr in research support, and short-listed candidates will (a) have PhD application fees paid for for up to 5 universities and (b) get to attend an info session about places in academia they could work. Applications close October 29th. They are targeted at people starting their PhDs in 2022, not at existing PhD students. Here’s the information page: https://grants.futureoflife.org/res/p/phd-fellowship-ai/.

The postdoc fellowships pay $80k/yr plus $10k/yr in research support. Applications close November 5th. Here’s the information page: https://grants.futureoflife.org/res/p/postdoc-fellowship-ai/