ICML 2021 Accepts CHAI Papers

10 Jul 2021

ICML 2021 accepted two papers coauthored by CHAI members.

ICML accepted the paper “PEBBLE: Feedback-Efficient Interactive Reinforcement Learning via Relabeling Experience and Unsupervised Pre-training” by Kimin Lee, Laura Smith, and Pieter Abbeel. CHAI Professor Pieter Abbeel is the advisor of postdoc Kimin Lee and Laura Smith, who is an incoming PhD student and former undergraduate at UC Berkeley. Read more on arXiv or the paper’s website.

ICML also accepted “A New Formalism, Method and Open Issues for Zero-Shot Coordination” by Johannes Treutlein, Michael Dennis, Caspar Oesterheld, and Jakob Foerster. Michael Dennis is a CHAI PhD student and Prof. Jakob Foerster is a CHAI affiliate. Read more on arXiv.