Stuart Russell’s Recent Media Appearances

10 Sep 2020

Professor Stuart Russell gave several noteworthy presentations over the last few months.

  • CHAI was featured in three recent episodes of the Future of Life Podcast. Professor Stuart Russell joined Harvard Psychology Professor Steven Pinker to discuss the foundations, benefits, and existential threat of AI. PhD student Rohin Shah and MIRI researcher Buck Shlegeris shared their thoughts on the current state of research efforts for beneficial AI. Research scientist Andrew Critch discussed the paper “AI Research Considerations for Human Existential Safety,” coauthored with David Krueger.
  • On May 26, he gave the annual Turing Lecture, sponsored by the Alan Turing Institute in London, on the topic of “Provably Beneficial Artificial Intelligence”. Over 700 people attended, making it the most highly attended Turing Lecture so far. The lecture itself is here. Prof. Russell also provided written answers to the many questions from audience members here. His talk was also written about here.
  • On June 16, Professor Russell spoke at the World Peace Forum, held in Beijing, on the subject of lethal autonomous weapons.
  • On August 30, he gave the keynote lecture for the annual European Conference on AI, held at Santiago de Compostela, Spain, on the subject of “How Not to Destroy the World With AI.”
  • On September 10, his book Human Compatible was the subject of a meet-the-author session at the American Political Science Association’s annual conference in San Francisco.
  • Finally, on September 22, he gave the keynote lecture for the annual United Nations Global Summit on AI for Good, held in Geneva. His talk was titled “On Beneficial AI” and asked how we are to define “Good” in the phrase “AI for Good”.