Mark Nitzberg Publishes WIRED Article Advocating for an FDA for Algorithms

15 Aug 2019

CHAI’s Executive Director Mark Nitzberg, along with Olaf Groth, published an article in WIRED Magazine that advocates for the creation of an “FDA for algorithms.”

The article argues that the use of adaptive reinforcement learning for determining what stories we see in our news feed, along with bots that amplify targeted messages, has resulted in an increase in political radicalism. Because these algorithms are able to modify our preferences, they should be subject to an FDA-like organization that can organize digital-clinical trials to see what impacts it might have on society before deploying it to influence billions of people. You can read the article here.

Mark Nitzberg and Olaf Groth also recently published the book Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World with Thinking Machines together.