CHAI Papers at the AAAI 2019 Conference

17 Jan 2019

Many of our staff and faculty submitted papers to the 2019 Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference. Below is a list of the papers and authors who are CHAI faculty:

Deception in Finitely Repeated Security Games by Michael P. Wellman

Robust Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning via Minimax Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient by Stuart Russell

A Unified Framework for Planning in Adversarial and Cooperative Environments by Siddharth Srivastava

Partial Unawareness by Joe Halpern

Abstracting Causal Models by Joe Halpern

Blameworthiness in Multi-Agent Settings by Joe Halpern

Thomas Gilbert also presented Towards a Just Theory of Measurement: A Principled Social Measurement Assurance Program for Machine Learning at the Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society Conference, which was held in conjunction at the AAAI 2019 Conference.