Congradulations to our 2017/2018 Intern Cohorts

01 Jan 2019

Interning at CHAI has been one of those rare experiences that makes you question beliefs you didn’t realize were there to be questioned… I’m coming away with a very different view on what kind of research is valuable and where the field of safety research currently stands” – Matthew Rahtz

Congratulations to our two previous cohorts of CHAI interns who spent a semester not only learning more about AI safety, but also set themselves up for amazing future opportunities.

Each intern had the opportunity to pursue their own research project, with one of our PhD students as a mentor to give them advice, seeing them through from the beginning of their project all the way to publication. Our interns also received experience in handling large projects, deep RL, attending seminars and lectures by some of the world’s leading AI experts, and getting a taste for what a PhD program would look like.

We would like to wish our best luck to our interns who are now moving on to new projects. For example, Beth Barnes has accepted a position at DeepMind, and Chris Cundy joined Stanford’s AI lab as a PhD student. Our other previous interns include: Dmitrii Krasheninnikov, Aaron David Tucker, Alex Turner, James Drain, Jordan Alexander, Matthew Rahtz, and Steven Wang.