CHAI’s Daniel Filan Helps Teach the Next Generation of AI Researchers!

04 Sep 2018

CHAI’s Daniel Filan has spent a considerable amount of time reaching out to early career researchers and educating them on the current state of machine learning. Some of his past contributions include:

  • Spoke to ~30 interested students at the Human-Aligned AI Summer School between August 2nd and August 5th about inverse reinforcement learning, CIRL, hierarchical reinforcement learning, and, and what all of this has to do with [AI alignment][], as well as being part of a panel discussion.

  • Attended the AI Summer Fellows Program between June 27th and July 14th, where I discussed problems in AI alignment with researchers at MIRI and early-career/potential AI alignment researchers, as well as giving a brief overview of what CHAI does and my views on AI safety.

  • Attended EA Global SF June 8-10, where I met with other early-career and mature researchers in the AI alignment space, and spoke to a variety of people about career opportunities at CHAI.

  • Attended the CHAI workshop April 27-30, meeting a variety of researchers working on or interested in AI alignment, discussing both relevant research and future research directions for the field.

  • Attended an event on the 7th of April where MIRI and CHAI researchers got together and discussed/worked on problems of mutual interest.

  • Attended ICML 2017 August 6-11 2018, attending a variety of talks and poster sessions, and having discussions with researchers about the state of contemporary machine learning