Anca Around the World – Conferences from the Past Year

03 Sep 2018

Anca Dragan has been busy the past year, attending conferences and delivering talks everywhere from Berkeley to Switzerland to promote the safe development of AI and robotics. In the past year, she has attended a variety of events, including:

  • IJCAI Early Career Spotlight, Optimal Robot Action for and around People. 2018

  • RSS Workshop on Learning from High-Dimensional Demonstrations, Observation Models for Human Guidance. 2018

  • RSS Workshop on Natural Communication, Communication as Influence Beliefs. 2018

  • RSS Workshop on Resilience in Subterranean Environments, Resilience to Misspecifcation. 2018

  • RSS Pioneers, Optimal Robot Action for and around People. 2018

  • CRV Keynote, -“-. 2018

  • Harvey Mudd, -“-. 2018

  • University of Pennsylvania, -“-. 2018

  • NIPS Workshop on Transparency and Interpretability in Machine Learning Systems, Robot Transparency as Optimal Control. 2017

  • NIPS Workshop on Emergent Communication, Communication via Physical Action. 2017

  • CoRL Keynote, Putting Humans into the Robot Equation. 2017

  • RSS Workshop on Mathematical Models, Algorithms, and HRI (RSS), How will algorithmic HRI shape autonomous driving?. 2017

  • RLDM Keynote, Getting around misspecified objectives. 2017