Thomas Krendl Gilbert Publishes “A Broader View on Bias in Automated Decision-Making – Reflecting on Epistemology and Dynamics”

02 Jul 2018

CHAI’s Thomas Gilbert and his colleagues at UC Berkeley recently published this paper to arXiv and presented it at the 2018 International Conference on Machine Learning. The abstract reads:

Machine learning (ML) is increasingly deployed in real world contexts, supplying actionable insights and forming the basis of automated decision-making systems. While issues resulting from biases pre-existing in training data have been at the center of the fairness debate, these systems are also affected by technical and emergent biases, which often arise as context-specific artifacts of implementation. This position paper interprets technical bias as an epistemological problem and emergent bias as a dynamical feedback phenomenon. In order to stimulate debate on how to change machine learning practice to effectively address these issues, we explore this broader view on bias, stress the need to reflect on epistemology, and point to value-sensitive design methodologies to revisit the design and implementation process of automated decision-making systems.